"The Sleep Sense™  Programme  allowed me to be true to the mother I wanted to be, while providing practical solutions to get Millie sleeping through the night"

When my little girl, Millie, was born I hoped and prayed that she would be a better sleeper than her brother Sam, who was still keeping me up in the night at 3!  Sadly she wasn't, in fact she was far worse! Like with Sam, I was lucky to be a stay at home mum, and therefore I was happy to take on the responsibility of all night-time wakings so that my husband could get on with the job of providing for our family.  But by the time Millie was 8 months old I could feel myself sinking into Post Natal Depression and really found no joy in being a mum.  Something had to give and changes had to be made.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a baby sleep programme which resonated with me. The Sleep Sense™ Programme allowed me to be true to the mother I wanted to be, while providing practical solutions to get Millie, not only sleeping through the night, but napping like a champion.

I was so inspired by our experience and passionate about the benefits of a good night's sleep for the entire family, that when I was given the opportunity to go to the US and train with the creator of the Sleep Sense™ programme, Dana Obleman and become a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, I jumped at the chance, and here we are…!

If you are struggling with your child's sleep, and you would like a step-by-step customised plan to get them sleeping through the night then I can help you.

Please get in touch for a FREE 15 minute consultation. This will give us a chance to discuss your child's specific situation and come up with some ideas for a solution.

Sleeping children; happy family!


Louise Duncan
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant